The cover of 'Asylum' by Rachel Anderson.

"Rachel Anderson can create a character out of a few wisps of words and dialogue who is quite different from anyone else you'll ever meet in fiction. In this terrific novel Sunday befriends Rosa from Eastern Europe and a whole cast of other extraordinary people living on the fringe of society. They're funny, touching, unexpected, and unique." — Elizabeth Laird, Top 10 Books About Tough Stuff, The Guardian

The cover of 'Red Moon' by Rachel Anderson.

One of Rachel's own sons was abandoned by his birth parents as an infant in the Far East, then spent five years in an orphanage in Surrey. After Rachel and her husband found him, it took them a further eleven years to procure him a legal identity beyond 'stateless refugee'. The plight of the stateless innocent is close to Rachel's heart. She has considerable emotive understanding and experience of the administrative barriers facing the 'sans papiers' emigrants to the UK. The themes permeating Red Moon have an enormous resonance in today's society - asylum seekers, nationalism, illegal and economic immigration.

The cover of 'This Strange New Life' by Rachel Anderson.

This is the first major novel for several years from the prize-winning author, Rachel Anderson. It is a powerful, emotional story based on the author's own experiences. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is increasingly common among teenagers. This Strange New Life is a story which explores its effect on a strong family unit and the tensions a debilitating illness such as CFS brings. It is a novel you will never forget.

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Picture books for Tiny Tots

  • Hello Peanut! (Hodder Toddlers, 2003)
  • Little Fox Lost (Translated by me, OUP, 1991)
  • The Cat's Tale (Translated by me, OUP, 1989)
  • Wild Goose Chase (Translated by me, OUP, 1987)

For Emerging Readers

  • Ollie and the Trainers (Mammoth, 1999)
  • Jessy Runs Away (A&C Black, 1988)
  • Jessy and the Long-short Dress (A&C Black, 1993)
  • Best Friends (A&C Black, 1991)

For Sturdy Readers

  • Hugo and the Long Red Arm (A&C Black, 2004)
  • Carly's Luck (Mammoth, 1998)
  • Letters from Heaven (Mammoth, 1996)
  • Princess Jazz and the Angels (Mammoth, 1995)
  • Treasures for Cousin Crystal (Young Lions, 1992)
  • Julie and the Queen of Tonga (A&C Black, 1990)
  • Tough as Old Boots (Heinemann, 1988)
  • Renard the Fox (with David Bradby, OUP, 1986)
  • The Little Angel Trilogy:
    • Little Angel Comes to Stay (OUP, 1984)
    • Little Angel, Bonjour (OUP, 1988)
    • Happy Christmas Little Angel (OUP, 1991)
  • Moffat's Road (Cape, 1978)

For Avid Readers

  • The Poacher's Son (Barn Owl Books, 2006)
  • Warlands (OUP, 2006)
  • Pizza on Saturday (Hodder, 2004)
  • The Rattletrap Trip (OUP, 2003)
  • Paper Faces (OUP, 2002)
  • The Flight of the Emu (Hodder, 2001)
  • The Working Class (OUP, 1993)
  • The Bus People (OUP, 1989)

For Mature Readers

  • Asylum (Hodder, 2011)
  • This Strange New Life (OUP, 2006)
  • Red Moon (Hodder, 2006)
  • The Scavenger's Tale (OUP, 2000)
  • The War Orphan (OUP, 2000)
  • 'Moving Times' Trilogy
    • Bloom of Youth (Hodder, 1999 / 2009)
    • Grandmother's Footsteps (Hodder, 1999 / 2009)
    • Stronger than Mountains (Hodder, 2000 / 2009)
  • Blackthorn, Whitethorn (Hodder, 1997)
  • The Doll's House (OUP, 1995)
  • Black Water (OUP, 1994)
  • French Lessons (OUP, 1988)

For and About People with Special Needs

  • Big Ben (Barn Owl Books, 2007)
  • Joe's Story (Barrington Stoke, 2001)
  • Me & Electric (Editor: Elizabeth Laird, Mammoth, 1998)
  • Tim Walks (COI, 1985)

For Adults

  • For the Love of Sang (Biography, Lion, 1990)
  • Dream Lovers (Fiction, Hodder, 1978)
  • The Purple Heart Throbs, the Sub-literature of Love (Literary Criticism, Hodder, 1974)
  • Pineapple (Fiction, Cape, 1965)