Rachel Anderson, T.T.O.M.*, was born in 1943, the second of five children of author, Verily Anderson. She left school at 16 to begin a working life in journalism. Her first novel, Pineapple, was published in 1965 in the same week that she married David Bradby. The Purple Heart-Throbs, the sub-literature of Love, a study of the popular romantic novels of the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries, was published in 1974. Her later books have been increasingly for younger readers, in particular many stories that are for, or about, children with learning disabilities.

Rachel Anderson with some of her grandchildren.
Rachel Anderson and some grandchildren.

She has received various awards for her books.

She has a range of grandchildren.

Her husband died in 2011 and has not been replaced.

* "Tiny Tots Order of Merit", awarded in 1949 by Tiny Tots newspaper entitles her use of the acronym T.T.O.M.